Ford vs Chevy


2020 Ford vs Chevy weekend
October 17 & 18 CHANGED to March 13 & 14, 2021

FORD vs CHEVY Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18 has been changed!  New date is March 13 & 14, 2021 Additional information contact the Ford Performance Association email:


2019 Results
31st Ford vs Chevy


Car #

Winner Jerod Franklin 373 Chevy
Runner-up Jimmy Noyes 6027 Chevy
Semi-finals Garrett Landry 34 Chevy
Semi-finals Clayton Fucich GX000 Chevy
Quarter-finals Bart Dufrene Sr 440N Chevy
Quarter-finals Fred Everhardt FE13 Chevy
Quarter-finals John Cuevas 1012 Chevy
Quarter-finals none    

2019 Results
31st Ford vs Chevy


Winner Shannon Plainsance 15 Chevy
Runner-up Monique Dufrene 48 Chevy
Semi-finals Charlie Robinson 37 Ford
Semi-finals none    
Quarter-finals Craig Peterson 21 Ford
Quarter-finals Rusty LaCoste 4415 Ford
Quarter-finals Chris Moulin 66 Ford
Quarter-finals none    

2019 Results
31st Ford vs Chevy


Winner Tommy Castanedo 4242 Chevy
Runner-up Tom Skubic 2764 Chevy
Semi-finals Danny Herbert 4697 Chevy
Semi-finals Danny Herbert 4X9 Chevy
Quarter-finals Tara Elliser 4X6X Ford
Quarter-finals Robert Cool 4948 Chevy
Quarter-finals Charlie Jerkins JX52 Ford
Quarter-finals none    

2019 Low ET Chevy

Wayne Landry 3.98 @ 178mph  

2019 Low ET Ford

Greg Parr 4.76 @ 146mph  

2019 Best Appearing

  Danny Herbert #4967  
White Vette Roadster (Chevy)