Good afternoon to all. As always when weather forecasts become a concern with respect to a KOC race weekend the Series almost always makes a decision no later than Thursday around noon.

With that BTE KOC Series Presented by David McMurtry Racing Engines Event 3 is CANCELLED Due to Potential Heavy Rain.

The National Weather Series is forecasting 3-5 inches of rain for the weekend with most of that 3-5 inches, from a Tropical Low Pressure, during Friday Evening into Friday Night.

Forecasts also predict the potential of localized flooding and ponding of water south of Interstate 10.

With most of Gulfport Dragway’s parking being grass, there is a increased concern with trailers and rigs having issues parking in those grassy areas.

The KOC understands that the decision to cancel may end up being the wrong decision as whether or not it does in fact rain, However the KOC feels it is the safest decision for all.

The KOC takes all the information available and tries to make the best decision possible. The KOC does with 100% conviction take in consideration the processes and money it takes just to get to the racetrack.

Event 3 will NOT be rescheduled as the Series will move on to Event 4 in Sept.

The KOC Banquet will once again be delayed again but this time to Event 4 and BTE Tournament of Champions to Event 5.

All racers that entered the Great American Guaranteed Million Dollar Race Gambler will be issued a full refund on Thursday evening. The complete refund process typically takes 3-5 business days so please do not be alarmed if refund does not reach you within 24 hours.

Please contact Gaylon for questions and/or concerns.

228-323-7325      or check out the website