Pinks All Out

Saturday Oct 9th
• 10am – Gates open for all Racers
• 10:30am- 1pm Tech inspections/TV Paperwork
• Noon – Qualifying Rounds for ALL OUT ET Bracket Classes
• Noon – Gates open for spectators
• 2:30pm Drivers Meeting
• 2:45pm- 4pm Round 1 ALL OUT ET Bracket Class
• 4pm – Round 1 The Call Out Nostalgia Shootout & Open
Call Out Grudge Matchups.
• 4:30pm-5:30pm Round 2 ALL OUT ET Bracket Class
• 5.30pm – Round 2 The Call Out Nostalgia Shootout &
Open Call Out Grudge Matchups
• 6pm – 6:30pm – Round 3 ALL OUT ET Bracket Class
• 6:30pm – Round 3 The Call Out Nostalgia Shootout & Open
Call Out Grudge Matchups•
• 7pm – Final 16 ALL OUT ET Drivers Meeting
• 7:30pm – Finals – The Call Out Nostalgia Shootout
• 8pm – National Anthem.
• 8:15pm – Two Final 16 ET Class runoffs. Both classes run
consecutively starting with slowest and ending with fastest

All times may change due to weather, oil downs, etc. Please
listen to announcements over the PA system.


One Live Event…..2 Awesome Shows…..Fun For Everyone!
Show 1 – Pinks All Out creator Rich Christensen and co-host Brian Bossone team up one more time after a 5 year hiatus. The duo brings back the Iconic drag racing show that started it all.
This time around Rich and Brian have added a few twists to the program. Now there are 3 ALL OUT ET heads-up Index classes. This gives competitors more chances to race and win. No longer does the ALL OUT crew pick the final 16 car field. Now racers have to win their way into each class’s 16 car Hot Lap Final run-off for all the Cash and Prizes.
Grassroots racers – get those cars out of the garage and get ready to run. Entries will be limited, so make sure you go to our schedule page to find out when we will be running next!
Show 2- “The Call Out Shootout Series”. This event counts towards the series points. 4 Heads up “Prepped” classes, from Street Driver to Unlimited Big Tire. This shootout is open to All Import or Domestic door cars. Big Cash & Prizes awarded to winners and point accumulated towards the series championship.
Got a beef with another racer or shop? Settle it on this show! Open grudge matches all day. It’s a CALL OUT! The online smack talk goes from “Keyboard to Concrete.” Racers settle their grudges live in front the cameras. Check out the CALL OUT section of this site for details.